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Tilt Latches

Tilt Latches are plastic latches on single or double hung windows that allow for the sash to be tilted in.

They use a spring to push a plastic wedge shaped tongue into the side channels of your window. When engaged, they prevent the sash from tilting in. When disengaged by pressing both latches inward, they allow the sash to be tilted in for cleaning or maintenance.

Broken tilt latches are are dangerous because the sash can fall in when operating; causing

property or personal damage. If your tilt latch is broken, we recommend leaving the window closed and locked until it can be repaired.

Signs of a broken tilt latch

  • Worn/broken tongues visible

  • Sticky and difficult to operate or has lost its spring

  • The sash falls in when open

Why do tilt latches break?

Tilt latches hold the sash in place by pressing wedge shaped tongues into the side channels of a tilt-in window. Vinyl tilt latches can crumble after years of sun exposure. Inadequate lubrication wears tilt latches and their springs down over time. Rough handling can put unnecessary stress on the fragile tongues and cause breakage as well. See our diagram on proper tilt latch operation:

Types of Tilt Latches

Tilt latches vary widely in shape, color and style, but their function is the same. We can identify specific styles and replace broken latches as necessary. We carry some standard models in stock and can order specific models as necessary. We typically try to match the latch style to the rest of the property. Building codes require certain locking 'safety latches' for heavy windows found in many loft apartments or condos.

Tilt latch cracked by UV exposeure

Broken Tilt Latch Edited.jpg

Various types of tilt latches

Tilt Latch Set Top slideshow edit.jpg

Vinyl spring loaded

Spring-loaded vinyl tilt latches are latches that spring into place automatically. They are found on almost all vinyl single or double hung windows. They have 

Standard Spring-Loaded, Left Tilt Latch 

Tilt Latch Icon edited.jpg

Locking safety latches

Spring-loaded vinyl tilt latches are often found on heavy, aluminum windows in apartment or condo buildings. They usually have a hex-shaped screw that locks the tongues in position to discourage window users from tilting them in as a safety precaution. 

[Image of locking safety latch]



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