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Browse our gallery of past projects and see how repair can rival the quality of a full replacement

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Bow Window Rotten Sill Repair

This is our repair of a rotted wood under a casement sash in a sectional bow window. The sill rotted and the sash was nailed shut. If you ordered a new window, you'd have to replace the whole bow window in the opening. After a block & epoxy and some sanding, we reseated the sash and it's functional and ready to paint.

Broken Vinyl Sash Rebuild

This is our repair of a vinyl sash that cracked at the point where the pivot pin is held into the extrusion. We used a block & epoxy method to fill in the corner with plastic lumber and a special epoxy to gurantee a stable repair alternative to replacing the sash.

Rotted Wood Sash Rail Rebuild

This is our repair of a wood rail on a sliding window. We cut out the rot and pieced in solid lumber with adhesive, nails and epoxy. After a sanding, it is functional and ready to paint. All at a fraction of the cost of replacing the window or sash. 

True Divided Light Reglaze On Vintage Double Hung

Here is a reglaze of a single broken pane we did on a vintage double hung window with a True Divided Light (TDL) grid. TDL's have an individual pane for each part of the grid and require a careful removal of the pane without disturbing the adjacent panes. After cutting away the glazing putty, we cleaned and sanded the opening, inserted the new pane, set the glazing points and resealed it with a tube of modern glazing compound instead of putty. After curing, this vintage window is as good as new at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing it and preserving the historical integrity. 



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