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Weatherstripping is the fuzzy or rubbery strip that runs along the edges of the sash. ​Its purpose is to improve the seal around your sash and prevent air from leaking through. 

This page will inform you on the types of weatherstripping, what can go wrong with them and how to identify worn weatherstripping. 

Signs of a failed weatherstripping

  • Weatherstripping is full of dust or brittle

  • Weatherstripping is cracking

  • Air is leaking through perimeter of the sash

  • Weatherstripping is partially or completely missing

Why does weatherstripping fail?

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Types of Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping comes in a variety of styles

Leaf weatherstripping

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Bulb weatherstripping

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Fin-Seal weatherstripping

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Kerf weatherstripping

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Mo-Hair weatherstripping

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