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Covers are devices to hide internal parts of the window, reduce debris and prevent tampering with the window's internal parts.

This page will inform you on the types of covers and how they fit into your window.

Signs of a broken cover

  • Visible cracking

  • Wooden cover shows signs of rotting

  • Cover is missing

  • Cover is the wrong fit

Why do covers break?

Bold normal 

Types of covers

Covers come in a variety of styles. We have several standard models in stock and can order new covers as needed. 

Casement/awning crank cover

Crank covers are found on all casement or awning windows. They cover the gears that sit just behind the crank the user turns to open the window.

Casement/awning operator cover

The operator cover is a wood cover found on all casement or awning windows. It shields the moving gears from debris and seats the interior screen. 

Balancer cover

Balancer covers are found on single or double hung windows and protect the balancer from debris and improve the look of the window. They lock in to the side channels where the balancers stay.

Shoe cover (Tamp-r-lock)

Shoe covers cover the part of the shoe that connects to the balancer. They are installed to discourage window users from disengaging the balancer, since a specific tool is needed to install and calibrate balancers. These are good for building owners that want to prevent their tenants from working on their windows. 



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