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On-site Screen Repair


Screens are great for keeping the wildlife out when using your windows to vent your home. 

Screens wear out from sun exposure, contact with debris and heavy wind. Pets and children often poke holes in the screening. Once a hole develops in the mesh, it needs to be replaced

We repair screens of all sizes including patio doors. We can re-screen torn mesh on site, or pick them up and reinstall them later to better fit your schedule. We can also repair broken screen frames and hardware.

What you need to know:

Good spline can be reused 

Spline is the rubbery thread that is pressed in the grooves of the rail that holds the mesh in place. Spline that has gone bad will crumble into pieces. Good spline will remain flexible and can be pressed back in after removing the torn mesh.

Good spline can be reused 

Options for screen repair






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