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Virtual Assessments

We can offer virtual estimates via Google Duo for customers with time sensitive projects, limited availability or those that need special accommodations.

The purpose of a virtual estimate is to serve requests faster and get you the information you need to make an informed decision about your window or door repairs before having to schedule for an in-person estimate.


In most cases, we can offer a rough estimate from a virtual assessment before you schedule to have us come out. In some cases, requests can be quoted and ordered virtually via email or virtual estimate for common hardware replacements or other services.

To take advantage of this service, fill out the contact request form on the Home, Window Wellness Program, or Contact pages and write in the services needed field that you are requesting a virtual estimate. 

Our office will then contact you and determine if you qualify for a virtual estimate or need an in-person estimate and then schedule a time slot for your appointment.

What happens during a virtual estimate?

A virtual estimate entails a video call with one of our techs where you walk them through your window issues and they will offer their assessment and ask to see particular parts of the window. 

What you can do:

  • Have a tape measure handy to provide measurements if requested

  • Describe your window problem to the best of your ability

  • Provide a clear and steady image of the area being assessed

If we are able to gather the needed information from this virtual call, we can send an approximate estimate over email for your approval.


If you approve the work and we still need certain measurements (cut sizes on replacement glass for example) to submit your order, we would then schedule an appointment to measure your parts/glass. We will then send a final revised quote with the appropriate measurements and confirm your order. 

For more recommendations on communicating your window problems, please see the Identifying Window Problems page linked below:

click this link to learn how to help us identify your problems over the phone or email with simple to follow instructions



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